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Artwork details:

Nilkamal - The Blue Lotus


Title - The Blue Lotus

Size - 36 x 48 inches

Medium - Mixed Media painting on rolled canvas

Framed - No


Note - The images may not be to scale and are for representational purpose only. Colors may vary due to different screens and monitor settings.



Step into a realm where serenity meets vibrancy in 'Nilkamal - The Blue Lotus,' an enchanting mixed media artwork.


Awash in soft blues and soothing yellows, the canvas comes alive with intricate Moroccan patterns, weaving tales of distant lands and timeless elegance.


But what truly captivates the soul is the textured backdrop, crafted from the earthy richness of coffee, lending depth and character to the artwork.


Lose yourself in the ethereal beauty of the blue lotus, a symbol of purity and transcendence, as it blooms amidst a tapestry of cultural motifs, inviting you to journey beyond the ordinary and into the realm of imagination."


This painting will be delivered rolled in a tube.Artwork will be carefully packed and shipped through India Post with tracking details.


Import duties, taxes, VAT custom duty or any other charges if any, is the responsibility of the buyer.

Nilkamal - The Blue Lotus

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