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Artwork details:


Title - Morning Whispers

Size - 36 x 48 inches

Medium - Acrylics on stretched canvas

Framed - No


Note - The images may not be to scale and are for representational purpose only. Colors may vary due to different screens and monitor settings.



Morning Whispers" is an acrylic painting created in an impressionistic style, capturing the serene beauty of water lilies and the ethereal reflections of the sky. The painting exudes a raw and expressive quality, characterized by rough brush strokes that add a sense of spontaneity and energy to the artwork.


The pond is depicted with a mix of cool blues and hints of greens, capturing the depth and clarity of the water.The sky above the pond is where the true magic of the painting comes to life.


I’ve emphasize the sky's reflection, using bold and expressive brushstrokes to depict an array of pastel hues. Soft pinks, purples, and blues blend together seamlessly, creating a dreamlike and serene atmosphere. The rough brushwork adds texture and movement to the sky, evoking a sense of fleeting moments and subtle changes in light.


Overall, "Morning Whispers" is a painting that goes beyond a mere representation of water lilies and their surroundings. It seeks to capture the essence and mood of a tranquil morning, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance of the scene. The rough brushstrokes and emphasis on mood add an emotional depth to the artwork, making it an engaging and captivating piece.


Please note - The painting will be delivered rolled in a tube.


Artwork will be carefully packed and shipped through India Post with tracking details.


Import duties, taxes, VAT custom duty or any other charges if any, is the responsibility of the buyer.

Morning Whispers

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