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Artwork Details:


Title - Padmapani

Size - 24 x 24 inches

Medium - Acrylics on canvas

Framed - No


Note - The images may not be to scale and are for representational purpose only.  Colors may vary due to different screens and monitor settings.


Padmapani with lotus is inspired from the famous Indian Ajanta caves painting. Padmapani in Sanskrit literally translates into “one who holds the lotus. This gold bronze kind of painting bodhisattva Padmapani ("lotus bearer") shows him as a graceful princely figure endowed with special attributes. He is described in the Buddhist canon as the embodiment of the pure, impartial, and limitless compassion of all the buddhas.

This painting is close to my heart and holds a special place. I’m from Aurangabad, a city close to Ajanta-Ellora caves. I have been to these caves several times on a school trip in my childhood days. Several memories of my school trips came flying while painting this one. Hope you will like the interpretation of Padmapani in my art style.


Artwork will be carefully packed and shipped through India Post with tracking details.


Import duties, taxes, VAT custom duty or any other charges if any, is the responsibility of the buyer.




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